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When you go to etti your in the dock area. When you go to the refuge area your lightsaber, the one you get in the beginning, it Vanquishs. It might be that i equiped a dark lightsaber in the off hand though. When you get into the rufuge building the dark jedi lightsaber is in the main hand and the original is gone.
Did you doing anything in the area? My first thought is that the dark Jedi lightsaber is only usably by DS characters, and if you get too many light points it can just dissappear from your hands

I didn't do anything. I am on the darkside. The darkside light saber doesn't disapear, it just moves to the right hand and replaces your original lightsaber. On the docks i have the original, i go into the rufuge area and it takes the place of my original. And the left hand wich the ds lightsaber was in is now empty.
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