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Furthermore, True_Avery stop distorting the issue, all the kid said was that he believed if students had been allowed to carry concealed firearms the number of fatalities at some of these school shootings would be significantly less. That isn't the same as what you're saying it is, or are you saying people are criminals for owning a firearm or being against gun-control?
I'm not distorting anything.

He was an idiot to bring a pro-gun concealment project to school because of the tension that subject brings along. Its common sense that if you advocate guns on a school campus that the staff is going to look twice.

He was allowed to present, but the police looked into it to make sure it wasn't an issue.

This has nothing to do if he -was- going to do anything, but a precaution. The same precaution that would be taken if he had, say, brought in a pro pedophilia powerpoint into class.

Social laws. You have no freedom of speech, so stop trying to advocate it especially when you are in support of keeping teacher's mouth's shut about certain issues.

They were doing it in the classroom, I don't care if they support someone outside the classroom, but if they are actively supporting Obama in the classroom, that is unethical because they are in a position of authority, I would say the same thing if they had been actively supporting McCain in the classroom.
So, you are a supporter of limited free speech?

Originally Posted by Tommy
This was a college level course, not some random location. He didn't have to seek them out. He wasn't discussing a desire to commit illegal acts, but discussing something that he feels should be legal.
The location, situation, and people are all very relevant to this.

He was at a school, presenting a project on pro-gun concealment in schools, on a project about school shootings.

It guarantees nothing, but the staff and police felt it was relevant enough to ask him a few question.

Why? Because, again, there is some **** you don't say. It should be common sense that advocating guns for students and teachers on a project about school shootings would catch someone's eye.

Dos it make it right? Again, I do not know.

What I can say is that he is lucky it was a college class, because I'd take a wild guess that a high school or middle school would be much less tolerant of his project.

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