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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
How many breakups of non-married people did you see in high school and college? I've seen plenty--far more than I've seen breakups of marriage.
I wouldn't really take high-school break-ups into account general, they're not serious relationships (and it's the case with several early college relationships too). Besides, people can't normally get married at that age either...Seems irrelevant.

There are any number of studies showing the health benefits of marriage vs. other types of relationships, so the benefits most certainly do outweigh the costs. Married men live longer and generally have less depression than non-married men. There is less poverty in married households than in unmarried households. Look up on medscape's medline search and you'll find numerous studies showing the benefits of marriage. You've made an assumption on marriage based on your opinon, but it's incorrect, since the benefits of marriage are greater.
I doubt that has anything to do with the mere fact that a couple is legally married or not. Those same people referred to in the studies who are living in a couple's relationship wouldn't probably be richer or happier if married. I am pretty sure that it has more to do with the general lifestyle, background and culture instead of the marriage "stamp" ( from what I saw in the past, several studies seem to consider couples who are not married but "living as if married" in the same category as "legally married" people and list them as "married" btw). I personally don't believe in marriage "benefits" other than its possible legal (and/or religious for some people) implications: I think that a couple can have a relation that is just as stable and lasting without that.

Almost everyone I know who isn't over 65yrs of age isn't legally married and their couple's relationship is steady, some of them living together since more than 30yrs now...(in fact only one of my friends from college was 10 yrs ago and now she's divorced). I don't see how being legally married or not, would have an effect on the duration of the relation and love...
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