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That is somewhat of the irony to the show The Starter Wife. It is often the first marriages that people are unprepared for, I mean really, you can't honestly say you know what a marriage is going to be like if you've never been in one. Even though a committed relationship can come close, it's just not the same. But it really depends, and I think there's a good point here that's been made about actually talking things over instead of just spur of the moment proposing.

I don't think it's fair however, if you're going to say that a legal document is going to be enough to make you stop loving a person and thing of them as an "obligation" more than a realtionship, then you really didn't love them to begin with. And I'm not saying this in some kind of weird "GOD WANTS MARRIAGE!!!" thing, just that a legal commitment shouldn't make any more difference in a strong relationship than anything else. All that say is you're looking for an "out" at any chance you get. Hey, covering your bases is fine, but if you don't want to commit to a legal union on the grounds that you may not love them 3 years from now, well you're gonna have a break up regardless of if it's called a divorce or not.

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