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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
Even though a committed relationship can come close, it's just not the same.
I can understand it for religious people (and/or perception of a couples' situation in some cultures) but otherwise, how so? Why would the relationship between two people who love each other necessarily be different? (save some of the legal aspects that apply mainly in case of separation or specific circumstances...but a non married couple can still have a fair custom contract that fits their needs and situation...). Save for the two exceptions mentioned above (religion and culture) I cannot think of any reason why it cannot be the same.

As for me marriage wouldn't add or change anything to the relationship and wouldn't make me love more or less so I consider it pointless from a personal perspective...but then, it seems that I come from a place (Quebec) where we have one the highest proportion of "common-law" couples (cultural influence I suppose ). This table also shows that while the number of marriages has decreased by more than 50% in +- 20yrs (where I live), the number of divorces is about the same...
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