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Karela's eyes and voice turned to ice at the word "Strange"

"Excuse me?"

Don't get angry, I hate it when you get angry, It means that I have to put up with all sorts of weird thoughts in your head.

Shut up for a second.

"You are calling me strange?"

Karela stared daggers at the big Jonin

I had to deal with enough of this kind of talk when you were sealed inside me.

Just take a off...Don't let the annoying Jonin get to you...

I am not going to be called strange again! When I was a girl, people always stared at me, they made fun of me behind my back...I will not have that start again!

"I'm going to take a walk."

Karela slowly got up off the ground and walked off into the forest.

You do know the way to the land of waterfalls right?


Good, cause that's where we're going, We're going to beat that annoying Jonin to the land of waterfalls.

Fine, I'll go along with this. Just don't blame me when we get in trouble again.

Fine, I won't

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