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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
However, in this case it appears even the police aren't even considering there to be a threat and the school has agreed it was overreacting on the teacher's part.
Seems like we are saying the same thing here: an individual overreacting. Personal fears aren't objective and vary with each individual. The teacher might have had concerns due to her personal perception of the event but it was later found that it was unjustified and that she misjudged the situation. Doesn't mean that the teacher was attempting to limit the student's freedom of speech or to cause harm to the student. The way this incident has been turned into a liberal targeting free speech issue by some media seems like overreaction as well to me There is nothing in the article that really supports that the teacher is an intolerant person...that her personal fears were not justified yes but I wouldn't read much more into it.

It was a persuasive speech or paper arguing that if the students in the Virginia Tech incident had been carrying concealed firearms the Virginia Tech shooter wouldn't have been able to kill as many people because the shooter would have been filled full of lead. The student was arguing that students and teachers whom could pass the requirements for a conceal and carry permit be allowed to carry firearms on campus. That's it, he was not threatening anyone.
Yes, we have the subject but not the manner in which it was presented....perhaps there was something in the way the student made his presentation that made the teacher react in such a way, wrongly or not.

classic left-wing ideologue profile where they view anyone that disagrees with them as evil and should be silenced
Huh? Is that the "classic left-wing ideologue profile" as presented by the "classic right-wing ideologue profile"?
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