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I glared at the office I had been assigned. Ten years as a cop, every minute on the street or SWAT. Now I had a frigging office. Nice sized compared to most, with a glass wall so I could watch my team in action.

Team. A collection of monsters and maniacs, and her. There was a god, I knew it because he she or it gave me a sword. But he had a lousy sense of humor. Putting her on the squad, and putting me in charge of it. Cops were bustling, moving in our equipment. Federal funding meant we had brand new computers, new Lucifer 180s, the most recent import from hell.

Say what you want about the infernal realm, no one makes better computers or software. They swear by all gods demons and entities no virus or hacker can break their firewalls, and sweeping up the ashes of hackers who have tried has become something of a joke. When they called it a firewall the demons aren’t joking. They even promise that once you have imprinted them, no one can break into it, not even their own programmers.

One by one our members came in claiming desks. I gritted my teeth as Lil picked the desk that faced the office. I wanted to think her face looked a little woebegone when she looked up and saw me, then pointedly took the desk that faced away. But it was a lie; demons lie as a matter of course.

I knew she was dead. Sworn to avenge her death. I had gotten calls from a woman claiming to be her, but I had refused to even countenance the idea. My love was dead, and her murderer wore her face. I had refused to believe it, even when the court decided that the demon was her.

I had stayed away from the apartment when the court ordered State marshals arrived to take what was left or her things. I had been so furious I had smashed a lot of it when the court handed down the decision.

There had been no demands for recompense.

I closed the blinds, wishing I had solid walls, and sat at the desk. I picked up the first file. Then the second, then the third, becoming more furious with every page. By the fifth, I was wishing that idiot was in the office. “Oh for the love of-” I grabbed the phone. Thank god for speed dial.

“State Attorney General’s office.” A voice chirped.

“Put your boss on.”

“May I ask-”

“This is Arthur Morgan of POG. Put the idiot on now!”

“He’s in a meeting-”

“He talks to me now on the phone or in person as fast as I can get there, and with an angel on the squad I’ll be there before you hear the phone hang up!”


“No, I will NOT hold!” I roared, even as I heard smarmy music. I tossed the phone down, storming out into the outer room. “Where is Andiel?

“She got a call from the Heavenly Chorus, and had to go.” Droman reported.

I snarled. Lilith was trying to make herself smaller at her desk. “LIlith, I need to get to the State Attorney General’s office.” I said. “Could you please take me there?”

“I can.” She stood, two inches shorter than I, her wings spread. “You have to hold around my neck.” Then I was lifted like a child, and felt air rip as she leaped through the open window. I wrapped my arms around her neck, feeling the sword leap into my hand. Not now you idiot!

It was eight blocks, but both Angels and Demons think anything slower than the speed of sound was too damn slow. We didn’t land on the roof, she came in like a hawk, foot talons catching in the metal then she flipped back, ripping the top off the elevator housing. She hovered less than a second, then dropped down the shaft like an arrow. Slam of wings, and the elevator door was ripped open. A man screamed, falling as we shot over his head, and an oak door added itself to the damage as Lil plowed through it as well. The secretary looked up in shock, the nail file pausing. I could see the line still flashing on hold.

Lil put me down, and I walked over to the secretary. “I warned you.” Then I walked past her.


“Zip it.” I shoved the door opened. The Attorney General looked up, eyes squinting in the Klieg lights of a reporter’s camera. Before he could speak, I caught the lens, shoving the camera down.


“I don’t care about you reelection bid.” I looked at the reporter. One of those androgynous women that would have posed as an angel in the movies, like Kate Winslett in Constantine. “You, out. You can come in and hear all his whining about me afterward.”


“Lilith! Clear her and the camera out. If she gives you grief, I’ll pay for the camera and hospital bills.”

“I’ll leave, but can I just shut the camera off and leave it?” The girl was quick.

“Yeah. Beat it.” She turned, lights dying, then left the office.

Now you-”


I spun, glaring at Lilith. “What?”

She walked over to the camera, pointing at a flashing light. “Lights are off, but not the camera.” She tapped a button, and the light died. “Now it’s off.”

I wanted to say thank you. Part of me wanted to hug her, wanting her back in my life. But the sword leaped back into my hand. “Step outside, please.”

“Yes, Arthur.” She walked out, closing the door gently. I turned slowly, like the turret of a battleship ready to rip it’s target into fragments.

“Morgan I’ll have-” he shut up as the blade came up like a pointer.

“Sit down and shut up.”


“Sit!” He dropped like I’d pole axed him. “Now you will listen to me, you political weasel. Filing warrants and subpoenas for God and Lucifer won’t work so don’t deliver them to my office.”

“They messed with us for centuries and we have the right to demand explanations.”

“Maybe they did, but you obviously haven’t read the bible. The closest we have to a name for the biblical god is I am that I am. Everything else, all of the names of god and the Devil given including the term Devil are titles. You have to have a legitimate names to file subpoenas.

“So give up your try to ‘clean up this mess’ spiel on someone else, and find out who you intend to arrest or question before you deliver them to me. Are we clear on this?”

I glared until he nodded. I walked to the door, opening it, then slammed it, the knob ripping from the door. I sighed. “Send the bill to my office.” I snapped at the secretary, dropping the knob on the desk.

“Will we be headed back to the office?” Lilith asked.

“No. You can head back, but one trip with a monster was enough.” I went down to the elevator with a remaining door and hit the call button. She watched me for a moment, then took off up the shaft she had cleared.



That ignorant human! I wanted to scream. I leapt up the shaft, and all of Las Vegas was before me. Part of me wanted to head for Hell’s Gate; to return to my life of the last few years. But part of me rebelled. I found myself in a park, on of all things, a swing. The seat pressed against my buttocks, the chain singing a bit as I rocked back and forth. I thought of decades of my life as a human before the change. Of meeting Art, of loving him.

Then the change had happened; I had become what I was; and what I had lost in that change was more than my humanity. I had lost the man I loved, my career; my entire life. Had anyone else lost more?

I stood, looking about. Part of me; that human part, knew the place, a block south of Charleston on Maryland Parkway. Art and I had-

Damn it, he denied me, so I would deny him! Nothing we shared mattered any more. I walked toward the street.

A man stood there, and I knew immediately he was trouble. He carried one of those huge bibles the ‘truly devout’ carried. I considered the description. Were there any truly devout these days who weren’t deluded? God whomever he was had been revealed as either an Angel or Demon; he did not exist.

Of course with most of the Born Agains, reality never interfered anyway. I stood. I was going to leave before-

“Avaunt, Demon!” He screamed.

All right, now that ticked me off. He waved a cross large enough for an Arch-bishop, advancing on me with all of the strength of his faith. “Return to the hells from which you came!”

I wanted to ask him; since when was Chicago hell? I looked at him, then grinned inwardly. “You seem to think the name of God will set you free.” I purred. “But I bet your faith is a pallid shell, and I can prove it.” I motioned to the cross. “A symbol of your god. Yet if a damned creature touches it, it will burn with holy fire.” I advanced. “But if it burns with holy fire, are you pure enough it will not burn you?”

He tried to back away but I was there, snatching the upper end into my hand. He screamed, backing away, letting go. I turned my hand, the metal melting as it boiled; molten silver pouring from my fingers. The heat was not bad to me, the infernal realm was much hotter.

“Without faith the cross is merely metal, the host merely bread, the blood merely wine.” I smiled sadly, then turned my hand, the rest of the silver hissing into the concrete. “It seems you have less faith in your god than I do.” Then I leaped into the air.



I stalked the eight blocks to the office in a funk. Damn it, how was I to deal with this? The creature that claimed to be my dead love working in the same office?

Everyone was there including Lopez, the Were-Cougar assigned from Highway Patrol. Andiel stood, motioning toward my office. I shrugged, walking in.

“Captain I must report I am filing a complaint of prejudice.”

“Listen, Lilith might be a demon, but you could learn to work with her-”

She closed the door, leaning against it. “You are named as the defendant, Captain."

That stopped me cold. “I am?”

“Yes.” She stood away from the door. “When I changed, I was at home alone. My wings did not merely sprout, they exploded from my back. I spent two days not even sure what had happened to me.” She nodded at my expression. “Just like her, Captain.

“I was lucky. Being what I am no one assumed I was automatically evil. The tests and law suit Lillith took two years to force through the courts I did in days. I was proven to be myself, and allowed to resume my post.”

She looked at me for a long moment, eyes sad. “You know who she is, Captain. But you cannot admit it. Your oath binds you to slay her, then yourself. Until you admit this, you cannot go on. She understands this even if you do not.”

I collapsed into the chair, my mind running like an engine without a governor. Lilith was the woman I had loved… I wanted to scream at the God that had chosen me as his Paladin. What an irony, worthy of a Greek tragedy!

“Until you can accept her, you are prejudiced, Captain.” She continued. “You must accept her as she is, not as she was, then go on.”

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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