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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
The location, situation, and people are all very relevant to this.

He was at a school, presenting a project on pro-gun concealment in schools, on a project about school shootings.

It guarantees nothing, but the staff and police felt it was relevant enough to ask him a few question.

Why? Because, again, there is some **** you don't say. It should be common sense that advocating guns for students and teachers on a project about school shootings would catch someone's eye.

Dos it make it right? Again, I do not know.

What I can say is that he is lucky it was a college class, because I'd take a wild guess that a high school or middle school would be much less tolerant of his project.
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That makes recent news a prime target. Unless you want him to be like CNN covering octomom and the toddler killin moms, instead he chose to take something with less fluff. Relevant issues would be issues that affect them. That means that he chose a proper subject. In fact he took a position that several of the people who went to VA Tech also advocated in their interviews to the media.

Sorry, but even my lil ole high school in Texas was reasonable enough to allow charged issues. My old drummer WENT TO COLUMBINE and did a report on how the incident could have been made less severe if teachers and students were allowed to carry legally. He didn't get the police called on him.

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