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Compilation of 5 new martial styles of Jade Empire SE

As I promised befre, here it is, lothario's styles, compiled with monkey paw.
Loth, as result of my cdamage test, I add a little chi damage for last chain attack of black mantis according to your description about this style (distrrubting chi).
I add 5 lines on stylesuperlist.2da and styledata.2ds to accommodating the 5 new styles, so tweaking these styles up/down won't effect NPC that use the same styles. So I can tune down the damage of monkey paw without make the fat brother sung become very weak.


Originally Posted by lothario1132 View Post
Aww... you're missing out, man!

Being "evil" is actually more challenging and fun in my opinion. There is a good bit of game content that only a closed fist character can do -- which first becomes apparent when you make your way to the haunted forest near Tien's Landing.

Haven't you ever wondered what the silk strings and zither case are for? Ever tried to take down a heavenly spirit and her guardians? I will warn you: if you play the game on hard difficulty, you will need to be pretty skillful to make it out of Heaven alive. Chi strikes and spirit thief are your friends.

Good work testing out the cdamage thing, BTW.

Yeach, the zithers quest, jia (tempest trainer ), and killing master radiant are the only quests I never do. In my early running game, I did beat the elephant guard but release the fox spirit in the end. I was a fool to trust the inn keeper to kill the spirit, but then she ensure me in the end who's the right side.

I'm happy with master and grand master difficulty playing. Yeach chi strike in spirit thief is very useful, slowly weaken crowded enemies in safe way.

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