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Kaneda glanced as Karela left the camp angrily. He sighed. She'll be back... he thought.

"Well I certainly hope so!' Tategami spoke to Kaneda. "If she hopes she can make it to the Land of the Waterfals before me, she is bound to get lost."

Kaneda gave him an severely confused look to the point where his jaw dropped. "How did- I dont recall saying that outloud... HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?!?"

Tategami seemed to be some type of mind reader. But... thats impossible! he thought. Tategami watched him calmly.

"Your lack of faith in the phenominon amuses me, Kaneda Yamagato."

"STOP DOING THAT!" Kaneda snapped. "What are you some kind of psycick?" calming down and sitting on the log.

"Hardly. My methods of reading peoples minds are not quite what people may assume to be psycick. Its more like a heightened sensory of anaylising an individuals internal body movement. Its complicated to explain how it functions." he looked into the fire. "A discussion for later..."

Tategami suddenly raised his head, as if disturbed. He looked at everyone. "We've got company!"
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