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MSI 9800GT Video card - $120.00 off Newegg.

6 ft DVI-HDMI Cable, to connect above video card to my 24" 1080p monitor - $6.00 off Newegg.

Call of Duty: World At War (PC) - Free, combo deal on newegg for buying above video card

A few nights ago, my old as dirt frankencomputer's graphics card (an AGP 6600gt) said "F*** YOU MAN I AIN'T BOOTIN NO MORE."

So instead of buying a new AGP card (lol), I instead stole the very rarely used computer in the livingroom that has a PCI-e slot in it. I'll be going from an AMD Athlon 2200+ Single Core CPU, 768mb DDR1 RAM, and an AGP (not even 8x, it had to run at 4x) 6600GT with 128mb DDR3 RAM, to an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ Single Core CPU, 1gb of DDR1 ram (soon to be 2gb thanks to adding one of my old 512mb sticks and another 512mb stick thanks to our very own generous Roxstar ), and a PCI-e 9800GT with 512mb RAM.

It's not exactly totally up to date, but it's a hell of a lot better than what I had.

EDIT: And before anyone asks, yes, I checked to make sure it would fit my case, and yes, my PSU will power it no problem. I bought that PSU a while back, seeing as I needed a new PSU but at the same time I was saving up for a whole new rig, so I figured I could slap this in whatever I built next. But unfortunately, I ended up having to spend all of said saved funds on replacement headphones and other crap, and then went out of a job.

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