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Originally Posted by DarthVrook View Post
k i will try i thx for your help

Edit: sry for dp
first message i can see them thx
bad message
i cant reach bastila because it doesnt stop to create miras and republic soldiers and it doesnt stop to create exiles:S
Could you clarify this a bit please. I'm afraid I don't fully understand.
Are you saying Bastila appears, but you can't reach her?

Originally Posted by rebedo View Post

I didn't do anything. I am on the darkside. The darkside light saber doesn't disapear, it just moves to the right hand and replaces your original lightsaber. On the docks i have the original, i go into the rufuge area and it takes the place of my original. And the left hand wich the ds lightsaber was in is now empty.
In terms of the mod at least, I'm really not sure what could have caused this. It might be a glitch to do with kotor2 itself.

Originally Posted by jedi7000nathan View Post
are there any new apprentices i would like a Quaran or anglish or a selkath even a rakata
The obvious one to re-introduce as an apprentice for an expansion is Boran since alot of his files still remain. Beyond that, I haven't quite decided.

Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
Those species don't have the animations to correctly use a lightsaber (or any other sword items for that matter) without it looking really odd.
I wanted to have a lightsaber weilding HK-1000, but had to replace them with heavy blasters.

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