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Question Jedi Knight Enhanced Map messed up?

OK, first time here plus only had Jedi Knight for about a week so forgive me if I've missed something stupid XP

Anyway, after getting JKII a couple years back, I loved it. A year after, I bought JKA which was... alright, not as good as JKII ^_^

Now I'm onto DFII and am loving it. After doing some googling about mods and stuff, I found JK Enhanced. Then I came here and found Zwier Zak's thingie that made that and other mods into a simple setup. So I tried it, and all the mods are pretty much working apart from one thing...

The map is messed up and I haven't a clue why T_T

Am I doing something wrong? I'm just running the 2 setup files that were in the download then playing the game.

If anyone can help, please do, I really want to play with JK enhanced =D


EDIT PLEASE READ: Just realised that I had not run the patcher.bat and all that stuff but I've got more problems now. When I follow the instructions and everything, the JK.exe becomes unrunable. "JK.exe is not a valid Win32 application" comes up and I don't know what to do. I've re-installed comuntless times and trying diffrent things but I can't get it.

Kurgan, I saw on that you posting about the same thing? Did you ever get it fixed? Please, help me T_T

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