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well, there is one thing that i'm a bit disappointed with. they're still using generic cities that are only based around the in-game terrain. i was rather disappointed when the Spanish decided to invade Paris only to discover that Paris was a rather small collection of a couple of farms, houses, and a small church. there was no Notre Dame Cathedral or even a single river running through it. i guess that means that if i invade Rome, it'll look about the same with no 7 hills or remains of the Coliseum.

and news of a patch is a good thing. there is a couple of odd bugs around. one of the worst is when i tried to attack a Pirate fleet that was sitting on a trading post in Madagascar. instead of our ships going into battle, our fleets are now occupying the exact same spot on the map for no apparent reason. now i've lost a small flotilla of about 1 ship of the line, 4 frigates, and a couple of brigs and sloops.

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