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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Actually I think everyone here agrees that the professor's response was overreacting.
Yes, with the benefit of hindsight I can agree with that. It should be pointed out that the professor involved did not have the benefit of looking at the situation after the fact, before making her decision. What is going to happen next time someone perceives a potentially dangerous situation after this professor has been smeared for trying to protect the students of the university by the bias right-wing media? Perhaps next time it will be a legitimate threat that will be overlooked because someone is worried about being labeled "un-American" by FoxNews.

I still have not been shown how this student’s rights were repressed. If someone could answer that, I would be eternally grateful. I’ll give you my follow up question in advance just to make your endeavor easier. How is this different than my name being on the watch list? In the name of security I’m considered guilty until proven innocent. In the name of security this student was asked a few questions by the police.
Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I think the real question should be whether this overreaction is a symptom of a larger problem as it is not strictly an isolated case.
We are told to be vigilant, but we are only human and people make mistakes. What if she had not reported it to the proper authorities and the student showed up a few days later and shot up the school, would that still be considered violating the student’s right?

She called the police because she perceived there to be a potential problem. Given the recent history of school shootings I believe she error on side of caution. She made a mistake, but I rather she make the mistake she did than for her not to report it and then the school be shot up a few days later by the same student and then listen to her talk about the warning signs that were there with the media. So the kid had to answer a few question, big deal!
Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
It seems that certain points of view are deemed acceptable by some in academia to silence. It also seems that some people have an irrational fear of legal firearm owners(which I think is a more likely root cause). Perhaps its hoplophobia. a fear of weapons.
Irrational fear?

The University of Texas - 1966 17 Dead
California State University -1976 7 Dead
Cleveland Elementary School (San Diego, CA) -1979 2 Dead
Parkway South Junior High School – 1983 2 Dead
Cleveland Elementary School (Stockton, CA) -1989 6 Dead
University of Iowa - 1991 6 Dead
Lindhurst High School -1992 4 Dead
Simon’s Rock College of Bard – 1991 2 Dead
Richland High School – 1995 2 Dead
Frontier Junior High – 1996 3 Dead
Pennsylvania State University – 1996 1 Dead
Bethel High School – 1997 2 Dead
Pearl High School – 1997 3 Dead
Heath High School – 1997 3 Dead
Westside Middle School – 1998 5 Dead
Parker Middle School – 1998 1 Dead
Thurston High School – 1998 4 Dead
Columbine High School – 1999 15 Dead
Buell Elementary School – 2000 1 Dead
Santana High School – 2001 2 Dead
Appalachian School of Law – 2002 3 Dead
Red Lion Area Junior High -2004 2 Dead
Case Western Reserve University – 2003 1 Dead
Rocori High School -2003 2 Dead
Fairleign Dickinson University -2004 2 Dead
Red Lake High School – 2005 7 Dead
Campbell County High School – 2005 1 Dead
Essex Elementary School – 2006 2 Dead
Platte Canyon High School – 2006 2 Dead
Weston High School – 2006 1 Dead
Amish School – 2006 6 Dead
Virginia Tech – 2007 33 Dead
Delaware State University – 2007 1 Dead
Success Tech Academy – 2007 1 Dead
Louisiana Technical College – 2008 3 Dead
E.O Green School – 2008 1 Dead
Northern Illinois University – 2008 6 Dead
Central High School – 2008 1 Dead
University of Central Arkansas – 2008 – 2 Dead

Yea, completely irrational.

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