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Well I for one am impressed. The stunning graphics combined with the mouse clicking gameplay really came together, allowing an amazing game.

I decided to play as Prussia and quickly made my allegiance's with neighbouring factions. Within four turn's I invaded western Prussia, crushing the Polish occupation there. My military tech focus allowed for a fast push, giving me oppurtunities and options that I would not otherwise be allowed. Austria has thankfully focused on France, with Russia destroying the Ottoman Empire. Poland's protectorates have grown weak, crippled by my disciplined legion's. Even now armies of Hussar's, Grenadier's and Line Infantry push into the heart of Poland, breaking their economy down the center. I was really impressed by the dynamic gameplay. The siege of Berlin was especially gripping, as Poland attempted one final strike. As Death's Head Hussar's clashed with Winged Hussar's I truly wondered if I could win this one. In the end I prevailed, albeit barely, by the timely arrival of my flanking cavalry.

CA has really done it this time, creating the ultimate strategy combined with the era of the age's! Even now my armies turn east, intent on securing trade in the Black Sea. But the Ottoman's aren't finished yet . . . new legion's await upon the horizon, Organ Guns eagerly awaiting to shred the ranks of Prussia. The Jannisaries of the Ottoman's against the Guard's of Prussia. I can barely wait.

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