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Karela was making great progress toward the land of waterfalls, she had already covered nearly seven miles

In under twenty minutes

Thanks for lending me the extra chakra, it's really helping.

As long as we get there first, that Jonin really ticks me off, I just want to see the expression on his face when he sees us waiting for him

It'll be great! Teach him to call me strange...

Hold on. Do you sense something?

No. Why? Is someone after us?

No..I think something's ahead of feels almost like another sealed beast...

How can you tell if it's sealed or not?

I just can. Now be quiet, I need to focus.

Karela jumped to another branch and then another.

I think...That's strange, whatever it was it's gone now.

Whatever, let's keep going.

I think we should hurry...I can't be sure, but I think whatever it was was heading toward the Land of Waterfalls.

You think whatever it was was allied with the Ogawa?

I don't know...It almost didn't feel real...

Your right, we should hurry.

Let me take control, I can get us there alot faster.

Fine, just don't get too carried away.

I never do.

Karela landed on a tree branch and made a series of handsigns.

"Seal Release!"

Karela watched as a green aura surrounded her body and two tails appeared near her back.

Ahhhh...Much better! It feels good to stretch my legs once in awhile!

The two-tailed Karela took off toward the Land of Waterfalls at a much greater speed then before.

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