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"You sure? I mean... if there is danger here, we'll be ready!"

"I can smell it...." Tategami muttered. He looked at the logs surrounding the fireplace. This gave him an idea for preperation. "They aren't far off."

Kaneda pulled out his sword and took a defensive stance. He examined his environment: nothing unusual as of this moment... Then suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something small and white walk towards them.

He turned to it and saw that it was a small white dog walking towards them. As it got closer, Kaneda's vision scanned the coat of the dog... made of clay?

Kaneda knealt down to look at the clay dog. It stared up at him and wagged its tail.
"KANEDAA! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Tategami moved forward to grab him. But before he did, Kaneda noticed some sort of parchment hanging from its ribbon collar... Kaneda's eyes widened. An Explosive Tag!

He was grabbed by Tategami as the dog exploded. The large Jonin scowled at him. "You could have been killed!" Kaneda was speechless. Then he looked around him and saw more clay puppies surrounding the area.

"Now we're in trouble..."
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