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So I've put the Prussian campaign on hold, opting for the British. I quickly deployed entire legion's of just Line Infantry, coupled with some Cannons. After a while I had secured all of North-Western Europe, with Sweden, Denmark, Holland and Hannover under my iron grip. In one match I was paticulary challenged, against the Legions of France.

I had lined up my Infantry, forming a huge line. Each unit was three line's deep, not too weak, not too strong. With line firing recently developed I was able to unleash wave after wave upon their legions. Unfortunately the Cuirasser's ruined my day, but it was a great challenge none-the-less. Canada is mostly secured, with New France being the last resistance. The Carribean is contested by myself and Spain, vying for power in a naval conflict. I have, however, secured the Ivory Coast and Brazil, bringing in huge funds for my war machine.

The loss to France has weakened me considerably, forcing me to abandon my long-time ally Prussia, to the waves of Austria. I don't plan to leave for long however, as HMS Victory sail's even now towards the Capital of France . . . Paris. I can't wait to siege the great city itself. Well Astor, thanks alot. I didn't even know this game existed until I read your thread! If Rome was amazing, then I don't really know how to place Empire on the scale. 9/10.

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