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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Pavlos & Insidious.. I envy your ability to read these texts without having to rely on translations, like us poor plebs There is no truer phase than 'Lost In Translation' especially into a mongrel of a language such as English. I wonder if Latin verse makes a less torrid journey when translated into Italian, French or Spanish...?
Trouble with Latin is that at a basic qualification like GCSE (students of age 16) you're studying Virgil and he can be so mind-bogglingly weird both in construction and in content (the ships turn into nymphs in one of the books, don't they?) that it can put you off for life. I don't think most 16 year olds care about the dramatic tension of Polites's death (Aeneid, ii.526-529) with its hectic, staccarto sounds, odd metre, and delaying of the critical word "saucius" (mortally wounded) until the end.

GCSE students of German don't read Goethe... they'd probably end up in the Hotel Asylum if they did. You might as well ask a non-native speaker of English to read Carlyle with his achronological plots and compound adverbs as get someone with a Latin vocabulary under the 2000 words required for A-Level (one step up from GCSE) to translate Virgil.

But the discussion of the teaching of Latin is probably best reserved for another thread... -- News and features will be returning shortly...

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