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Everything seemed to move slowly. It felt like I was watching every second pass by as if it were a minute. The voices around me seemed to be slow and blurred. I couldn’t make out what was being said to me, or who was saying it. I wonder if that is how death truly feels, if death itself slows down time so you can remember your last minutes in existence flea away slowly. Darkness started to surround my vision, and the feeling of cold coursed through my body. Then nothing, for a moment I believed I had truly died, but now I wonder if this place just created an illusion of death for me to feel. Created an illusion so I would understand, but to understand what I do not know.

“Stand up. You are not dead yet.” A voice said echoing threw my skull.

Pain coursed through my body, almost crippling me. This pain almost kept me from standing. I realized that I had not perished like I had hope. Or maybe I did die, and this place brought me back to continue to learn. As I stood up slowly I could feel hands upon my arm helping me. I turned my head to the direction of the person grabbing me and slowly opened my eyes. There standing in front of me was Vren smiling with relief at my recovery. I stood up wiping the dirt off my clothes then I turned my attention to Vren.

He was smiling at me and waving as the phantom of him slowly disappeared from existence. My chest hurt again at the thought of losing my friend once more. But there was a sense of relief, of calmness I did not feel last time. Now I know my friend is at peace, happy that I had found some sort of peace within myself. For the first time since he had died I forgave myself, because I know now that I would have died to save him. And I believe where ever he has gone to, he knows that as well and that we will meet again as force spirits.

Maybe that’s what this place is, not a creation of phantoms from my past. But actual force spirits of people who I have lost over my life. But that theory is flawed, because as far as I know my former master is still alive and teaching upcoming Jedi Knights. A cool breeze blew through that room, calm and gentle as it caressed my skin.

“Believe in yourself” I thought I heard a whisper in the wind say that to me. When I walked in here I had confidence in myself, but it wasn’t entirely belief in myself. Since the moment I turned to the Dark side I had doubted my choice, whether or not I could truly become an all powerful Sith. To hide that doubt I allowed my arrogance, myself righteousness to fly higher then I had ever allowed it. And from that time up until now, it had worked I could no longer sense the doubt that now fills my mind. Now part of me wishes to return to the Jedi Order to find more peace within myself so I can do what is truly right for the galaxy.

The second room was done, and the dark side no longer had the stronger foot hold with in my soul. Maybe this place was trying to save me, maybe this place had connections to fate and tried to set people along the right course. There was only one door and that was to my distant left. I stood there staring at the cold grey stone door, my heart racing inside my chest wondering what was waiting for me on the other side. But something deep inside me said that it was going to hurt, and it wasn’t going to be physical this time.

It was strange as I moved closer to the door my heart was sinking within my chest, as if it wanted to close off and hide away. The door opened, but got stuck it was only able to open half way. I got down low to the ground and crawled under the door. As soon as I stood up a blaster bolt flew by my head and hit the wall behind me.

“Are you crazy? Get down” I heard a female voice whisper to me signaling for me to get down and come closer to her.

I looked around quickly, noticing that we were under attack by what appeared to be Sith soldiers. They weren’t force sensitive Sith, but they were Sith the symbol I recognized. The room had two half walls on each side, and two bridges connecting each side to the other one. I moved to the female who was ordering me to get down. I couldn’t see her face clearly at first it was covered by a shadow, but when I got closer my heart felt like it wanted to die right there. Would this place honestly relive that moment? Was it honestly necessary?

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