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Yes, that's very true. FFA is probably the most out of place mode of game play in Battlefront, considering it's supposed to be comprised of massive military engagements, and not skirmishes of different troops fighting each other.

If they did end up adding Null ARCs and rebel units for each class (known troops that turned on the actual class), I'm not sure how they could work that in... but that would be an interesting idea for potential customization. They could call it "Rebel mode" or something. Like hunt maps with special classes not usually featured, like Null ARCS and some other "malfunctioning" troops whose loyalty to that faction ends.

It's sort of difficult for the Empire, considering the main option for a challenging class would be the New Republic/Rebellion, which is already a faction... There may be some sort of story detail I don't know about. I can't begin to imagine what "Rebel" unit there would be for the Rebellion. A tennis ball (Empire, Rebellion, Empire)? I don't know how many were reaccepted into the Empire, but I'm sure it happened on occasion.

Any other thoughts on that?

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