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Originally Posted by Vikinor View Post
I find it funny just reading it.

Yep, good thing, I also got back from seeing Watchmen. It was a long movie but I enjoyed it. On the ride back home we were pulled over and searched at like 1 something in the AM. I have never been searched before.
I was also recently pulled over and searched.

The great thing is, both times I'd been pulled over, never gotten a ticket (even for the serious first one of going 20 miles over the speed limit). This time when I get pulled over, I'm with my friend, it's by an undercover cop, while coming out of the bario, and they were f***in serious about it. They searched both of us, the car, my friends backpack, everything. Then he was gonna cite me for following too closely and an unsafe lane change (I was guilty of both I guess, but I had my reasons). He lets me off with a warning on both, bullets 1 and 2 dodged. Then as he drives off, I yell in the car "HOLY S***! HE DIDN'T EVEN CARE WE WEREN'T WEARING SEATBELTS!" Bullet 3 dodged. Then I come to find out, that the insurance information in the car (which he didn't ask to see) was old and invalid, and the new valid one was at home. Bullet #4 dodged.

One lucky as hell night.


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