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Originally Posted by acdcfanbill View Post
If you can't hit the switch and run up the bridges and across w/o speed, then I think you are out of luck doing that level w/o using cheats, or w/o loading a previous save and making sure to add speed as a force power. Doesn't it default you at least 1 star to speed when you first become a jedi?

anyway follow trail's guide and if you can't make it just use eriamjh to fly if you don't want to mess up your forces.

Also, TYPING IN ALL CAPS ON THE INTERNET is the equivalent of yelling at the top of your lungs. Please refrain from doing it.
Thanks for the info - can't figure out why I don't have Force Speed at this part of the game
Interesting that I got Force Speed soon after though - why???
I now have an issue with the part on Level 6 where there are 2 barriers by a control room - only the outer one lowers with either of the 2 switches (should be 1 switch for each barrier I believe)
Any ideas?
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