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TSR, your take on LA is so brilliant, but now I'm feeling pains in my chest from laughing so hard... Thanks.

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M@RS is quite right. It shouldn't "reflect" anything, in fact. It's a first-person shooter based in the Star Wars universe depicting battles that took place in the respective eras featured. There's nothing to reflect. Also, (thank God) the leaked footage shows that there's no "cartoony" (that sounds really awful, but I bet it would look worse) graphics, so we can let that idea die, I hope.

Oh, and even if there were millions of clones/droids present at even one of the battles, there's a snowballs chance at the core of Mustafar that this age of the gaming industry could come close to materializing those numbers.

I agree. BFII was brilliant in the visual and game play portrayals of the conflicts that occurred at those locations. Every award well deserved.

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