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Originally Posted by M@RS View Post
Fixing the RRoD is pretty easy, if it does RRoD on you just open the case and put some Arctic Silver on the GPU...
EDIT: Maybe you didn't understand me. Let me be more clear here.

My Xbox died on me with only 1 red light. Not the RRoD. Because it was a year old, and didn't RRoD on me, I would have had to pay 90 dollars for Microsoft to fix it for me. Instead, I called em up, and told them it RRoD on me, even though it really hadn't, because the RRoD is covered for 3 years.

Also, putting new thermal compound on the GPU won't fix the RRoD 100% of the time, and if your console has RRoD on you, you're more likely than not still covered for Microsoft to fix it for free. So why open up your case (voiding your warranty) to do something that most likely won't fix it. The problem is more often than not the failed X-Clamp design, so if you're going to ruin your warranty, you might as well replace the X-Clamp with parts that don't warp the motherboard, which will actually fix it.

So, in conclusion:

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