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I understood that you didn't mean half-droids or anything like that. The only faction you could have women in is the Rebels, so it would be trivial to have gender selection. Weapon customization may go too far, but it's something to keep in mind. Everyone has to remember, though, that this is a standard soldier, standard equipment combat game. Don't expect that extent of detail, especially when it really isn't required (it's LA...).

I love customizations, too, but you're right. It wouldn't work, but there's always room for ideas. I'd like to see the clones have their regional armour depending on the map you're playing on (e.g., 212th orange colours for Utapau clones), but I'm probably asking for too much.

I don't think I really agree with armour customization, because it's (like I said to Mr. blader) standard soldiers. There wouldn't be much room for armour colouring due to the fact that the clones are very standard in their armour colours (limited to legion designations) and battle droids cannot be any more appearance customized than they look from creation. They're made for fast production, large numbers, and effective gear. There's nothing to customize there. As for Rebels, that's the only faction that makes for good customization potential with no set appearance. Then there's the Empire, who's even more strict on no customizations/designations whatsoever. The whole armour customization idea is moot just from the fact that there's no place for it other than for the Rebels.

How many clans do you think would be using the feature? I'd love if they put in some chat channels and boosted in-game community support, but it is LA... Patches/logos for clans would work, but how many different ones would/could there be? That's asking for a lot, yet it would be well worth it...

As for weaponry, again it's supposed to be standard and customization really won't work for it, in my mind. Scope customization would be better left to game options, rather than a selection for individual engagements. Also, this brings in balance issues, which most people would prefer to avoid. The disadvantages seem to outweigh the benefits of such customization.

What does everyone else think?


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