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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post mind-bogglingly weird both in construction and in content that it can put you off for life....

But the discussion of the teaching of Latin is probably best reserved for another thread...
This brings me to some of my perennial queries about the Aeneid, as I am more interested in its aetiology and historical context.

*Would a reader/listener in late 1st century BCE have felt it was weird as well, or is there something that hs gone missing in teaching of Latin over the centuries. The decription of Marcellus apparently moved his mother Octavia to tears, which if true, would have been unlikely if it was written it in a truly mind boggling way.

*Why did Virgil choose the datylic hexameter? Is listening to it in Latin 'pleasant to the ear', as rhyming verse can be in English. The Dryden translation, has significnt addenda, and is a sure departure from a pure translation, but is still admired by many because it is a pretty piece in English.

*One final query.. when speaking Latin, is it right when people pronunce the letter "I" as "eye''?

eg.(using a term i know from anatomy) 'digiti minimi' (little finger)
some people pronounce it ''digit-eye minim-eye'' or is it more correct if its pronounced the way a modern Italian would say it, with the 'i' making an ''ee'' sound?


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