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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
*Would a reader/listener in late 1st century BCE have felt it was weird as well, or is there something that hs gone missing in teaching of Latin over the centuries. The decription of Marcellus apparently moved his mother Octavia to tears, which if true, would have been unlikely if it was written it in a truly mind boggling way.
No, it wouldn' have been at all unlikely. Pav means by that that it was stylistically radical, not that it was totally incomprehensible. Consider the difficulty a non-native English speaker might have, say, with Finnegans Wake, or another such work.

*Why did Virgil choose the dactylic hexameter?
Both the Iliad and the Odyssey are dactylic hexameter. Virgil is attempting to produce the Roman epic. What are the two archetypal epics?

*One final query.. when speaking Latin, is it right when people pronunce the letter "I" as "eye''?

'i' = 'ee'
ae = 'eye'
oe = 'oi'

All consonants should be understood as 'hard' consonants, with the exceptions of 's' and 'v', which should be used as a 'w'. In fact, there was no division between 'u' and 'v' in Latin. Similarly, if you see a 'j' in the text, that's meant to indicate an 'i' being used more like a 'y'; i.e., "jam" for "iam". 'h' should be treated as an aspirant.
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