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Pavlos & Insidious! In all my 7 years here, I have never learnt as much from two single posts! Thank you very much for you time and patience with my 'noob' queries

I have one more. In the movie 'The Passion of The Christ' If either of you have seen it - they apparently went to some sort of effort to have the Roman soldiers speaking a mode of Latin appropriate to Roman soldiers. If you have seen it, how did they manage? As an untrained ear, it sounds like Italian in meter , as opposed to the stiff sounding Latin that you hear in a church.

@Pavlos.. that book does sound interesting indeed Im quite interested in how spoken languages change and evolve. From my own perspective, modern Turkish has changed phenomenally in the last 30 years. My Cypriot Turkish accent and dialect keeps me at that circa 1970s meter. Unless I actually live in Turkey, theres no way Im going to pick up the quick and interwoven modern style that has developed. I can understand it, but I cant reproduce it, most Cypriot Turks cannot. Apparently Greek Cypriots have similar issues too.


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