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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Is there any way that you could put the Lucascast on Zune Marketplace? I can't imagine that it'd be that hard (even if it is Microsoft).

I know I'm 1 of 18 people that has a Zune in the world, but it sure makes it easier to get my podcasts from that Marketplace.

Thanks guys!
I too own a Zune and I can't afford and I-pod so I feel and understand your pain. However, using the current RSS feed from the site itself, you CAN subscribe to LucasCast by copying the rss link, then go into your Zune Browser under the "podcast" tab. Click on the button that says "add a podcast" and paste the RSS link right there. That way you are subscribed, and every new LucasCast episode will download into your browser automatically. The only thing you need to do from there is drag each new episode into your zune once you have it docked to your computer. If you want, you can even change your podcast settings to make that happen automatically as well. I have one of the old 30GB models, and most of my Zune memory is currently full, so I choose to manage the material myself so I don't over do it. Very easy stuff. We could get it on the Zune marketplace, and I will run that by our staff, but I think subscribing is much easier IMO.
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