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OJP Enhanced: Species Menu - Revision 604

I'm a keen modder of JA and I recently found out about OJP and that the source code was Open source. Never having dabbled in the code aspects before, I decided to give it a shot. I started with a simple attempt of trying to change the skill point values of the skills using the "604 Revision" of the OJP Source from SVN. After a couple of hours of searching, I finally found it and changed them successfully, even making sure to add new forcecircles and forcestars so that the new numbers would show. However, I then found that the species menu just flat-out does not work anymore.

I've uploaded screenshots to show what I mean.
This Screenshot shows what happens to the Species Customisation Menu when I've applied the changes to the forcepoints and added the extra lines for the forcecircles and forcestars. As you can see, there are no entries and the tell-tale 3 lines where there should be a model.

These photos are of OJP Enhanced without any mods. I've added a screenshot of both the Twi'Lek and the Human Female to prove I can still scroll them fine.

The only changes I've made between the two is the force point costs, the forcecircle and forcestar lines. There are no extra mods on top of this and my base folder is empty of anything that isn't base JA.

My personal belief is that something is missing from the latest revision of the source code. As when I compile it Visual Studio 2003, I receive no errors, yet somehow, the each files loses approximately one megabyte in filesize off the top of the original .dll files.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated, I'm new to this in general, so I apologise if the solution is obvious, but I'm able to pick up on things quite quickly, so explanations don't have to be too oversimplified.
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