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Originally Posted by Vrook Lamar
Your form is sloppy. Keep practicing and you should have it tightened up in no time.
QF T & E.

I don't know if I necessarily qualify as professional in a DJ sense, and I am probably amateur at best for directing (highschool AV producitons)...However, it seemed like the format was a bit aimless. Like you were trying to make it like a radio talkshow usually on in the mornings on rock/metal stations except...even there you seem to all speak over each other.

Do you follow an agenda for the show--a structure? I realize that is hard to do in an absolute sense... just something to consider in general I guess.

I will not judge your talents since I am the kind of person such that it would not be accurate to judge me by your first impression only. However, I am scratching my head as to whether or not your (you as in the crew, there) bringing up threads won't degrade into a bit of bashing and slamming. Now if you are going to talk about the more serious points and discuss those...fine. I'll listen to a point.

You don't come across as sarcastic enough to satire things in a way that would make people laugh. So since that was the first one and you have already telecast what you intend to do...I will reserve judgment on this. If you have improvisational skills and think fast on your feet, that is a plus here.

Personally I found it hard to stay with: you were all just kind of talking. Then again it is an acquired taste for each expect my critiques to change to a certain point with each passing podcast.

All in all, hey, it's as start.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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