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Oh my, great show! I have so many comments, I'm gonna relisten and add them here as I listen through. Consider this a placeholder for now.

here we go:
I wouldn't count Dead Space as a zombie game, because the most fearsome part of zombies has always been the horde part of it. One or two zombies aren't scary. One hundred are. This is exactly why Chop Till You Drop will be a failure, at least critically.


The interesting thing about playing as the zombies in L4D is not what you do as an individual, it's all about the teamwork, coordinating an attack. if you just jump at the group as a hunter, you get killed right away. But if you jump around a bit in front of them, they will focus on you, while the boomer comes in from behind, sprays them all, so now they can't see, and have regular infected everywhere. Now the hunters and smokers can attack, picking people out while the others can't do anything about it, and it feels so satisfying to watch a plan go through like that.

The theory is that Kirk is rebelling, because he only has the black shirt, and no captains insignia.


Fanboys has had a limited release, the Weinstein Company has apparently decided it wont make money. The reviews were not that great, though. =/

You all need to see the trailer for Pixars Up. Completely different from the cut-and-paste talking animated animals. Looks great. ^^

I definitely want a new Jedi Knight game. AND a new X-Wing. AND KotOR 3.
...Damn LucasArts. ;_;

IF they made a new flight sim, would they put it on the consoles? They probably would, because that's how they make the most money, but would they succeed, or would it be too advanced?

The DLC issue is ridiculous. The developer has learned that instead of finishing a game, they just add it on afterwards, AND make more money. And it wont stop anytime soon, simply because it works. People are buying it, and the developer makes more money, in addition they prevent used game sales.

The two companies that have been doing it right, are Valve and Criterion. You touched on the free DLC for L4D, but they have already done the same for Team Fortress 2 for PC. They've added one new game type, several maps, a lot of them community made, 12 alternate weapons, and they keep rebalancing and tweaking it. All this for free. And this is why people are still playing it religiously, one and a half year later.
For that reason I'm curious how they get to release the L4D DLC on 360, because they went out and said how they weren't allowed to do it with TF2.
Criterion has done the same for Burnout: Paradise. They release some stuff for free, and some for pay. And now, BECAUSE people have gotten stuff for free, they are more willing to pay for the new cars.

Lynk's voice is like melted chocolate in my ear.

Jed! <3

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