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Karela whipper her head around as she heard Akagi shout at her.

Sorry Big guy, I've got something a bit more important to deal with.

"I'm tracking a sealed beast! Tell the annoying Jonin that there's a sealed beast heading for the land of Waterfalls! I think it's allied with the Ogawa."

We need to move, whatever it is, it's fast, extremely fast, I can barely keep up with it.

What do you propse we do?

I think we need to go up to the four tails stage.

This is gonna hurt isn't it?

It will, but I promise you, It'll stop hurting after awhile.

Alright...I'm trusting you...

I'm sorry, but we need to catch that thing, whatever it is, it's possibly even stronger then me.

Karela quickly stopped and made another series of handsigns

"Seal release! Four tails!"

Karela arched her head back in pain as a massive surge of Chakra flooded her body and a green flash lit up the forest and the night sky for miles around.

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