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Sorry for taking long to response your generous post. Some people have to work for a living

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo View Post
What you're saying makes a lot of sense, and you're right. The vampire health should be more of a drawback than advantage, though. I think this would best be done by nerfing health/damage by a lot. Then regaining health is more of a challenge. Also, that's how heroes spawn. They're both timed to come at the same time, it just depends on how long it takes the awarded player to accept it.
You failed to forget that the settings can be altered where the player with the lowest score can be awarded the heroes. To me, I find that fair to players who are not as good as other players, and it give them the chance to actually have some kills. Nothing wrong with noobs getting the advantages once in awhile. lol

In the end, I agree with you on keeping vampire health, actually, but there should be no 1-2 hit kills whatsoever. Heroes' stats should reflect that they can't just kill everyone, and when they fight, they can die. The only way they die in BFII, right now, is if they've killed everyone in an area and their life runs out before finding new victims. That's not very fun for anyone, especially for balance.
In the movie, comic books, and the cartoons story lines are all pretty much the same when regarding the saber being the best weapon in combat. You know, they are laser control swords and all. And that to me strike as true to the storyline of the Star Wars Universe. The only grievence i have is the saber-throw. How many times in any stories of Star Wars that had Jedis or Sith lords throwing sabers like a boomerang? Quite rediculous to me I think.

So i think it is realistic in the spirit of Star Wars that heroes can have the ability to kill enemy combatants with one or two hit kills with the swords.

I'm glad to hear you're unscathed. Unfortunately, my home internet is out (which I'm working on restoring in a week or so), but call me on Xfire and we'll hop on a server together once I'm back.
Unfortunately for you, I have given it away to a dear buddy of mine. Which today I found out he sold it for an eighth of an ounce of weed. Rofl.

I might go to Best Buy and get another one. It is only 20 bucks I think.

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