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Cheese thread = win

I enjoyed the 'cast, some people 'complain' that the first episode seemed unstructured and conversational, but that's what I like about it. It's not a lecture it's just a bunch of people with a common hobby and different opinions talking about stuff, I like it.

It was interesting to hear about what you all are playing, I think that is great introductory segment that can be used frequently. I'm definitely with Niner and Moel on bringing back a X-Wing/TIE Fighter game, though another podracer game would be sweet too. It was awesome on the 64, wasn't it like C-Left/Right to knife-edge the pod to squeeze b/w cracks? XD Also completely agree on the DLC issue with pretty much most of the points that were brought up, especially the PoP DLC, crap's ridiculous.

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