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Originally Posted by TriggerGod View Post
Now, what do you expect from a website that is able to be openly edited by anybody with an internet connection and half a brain? Of course there are going to be people who will edit these articles to fit how they think. Liberal, Conservative, and otherwise.
Well, It's not really that 'black and white'. Most of the articles I've read on Wikipedia (and trust me, I've read quite a lot) are extremely neutral.

I never bash Wikipedia for this reason, the "anyone can edit" policy is an overly simplified explanation of how the website actually works, you can't just edit any article to your pleasing and not have it reverted to It's original form if you don't use proper citations and sources.

Technically, anyone can edit the article on John McCain and replace everything with "McCain ****ing sucks" -- but that doesn't mean the article stays that way. It gets reverted back to it's original form within minutes.

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