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Tategami kept a good distance away from the explosive clay dogs. He raised his hands and performed the necasary handseals.

Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse, Tiger

As he formed the Tiger, Tategami took a deep breath and utilises his fire chakra. "Katon: Gōkakyu no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu)" he exhaled and blew out a large fireball, swarming towards a group of walking clay dogs. They all exploded as the fire combind with the explosive tags.

Kaneda mean while was surrounded by many clay dogs, slowly crawling towards him. He launched himself in the air and glanced down. He raised his fists performed his handseals and halted on the bird seal. "Wind release: Flying Kunai Attack"

His hand was engulfed with an aura of wind chakra energy. He swung the arm around, forming a trail of wind chakra. On his command: the aura formed into dagger-like kunai weapons. He released them, and one by one they hit the clay dogs surrounding him. His area was clear. "There cant be that many left!"
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