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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
This still does not address mimartin's post. You are simply spouting the same things you have been spouting since the beginning of this thread. When someone makes an argument, all you do is say 'well, see here's your problem' and then regurgitate the same tired rhetoric you've been spewing all over this forum.
How about next time before you decide to jump to conclusions you actually ask me about my reasoning.

Anyways in matters of Contract Law, the United States Constitution is considered a contract between the people and the Federal Government. However, considering the States in question and we could be looking at 30 states now only need 3 more states to have the needed 2/3's this is a very serious situation. Now granted those states would need to have votes in them to do this, but a lot of people are fed up with the Federal Government.

Quite frankly though, I'm not particularly surprised the Democrats are out for a power grab. The argument here is that the Federal Government is acting in violation of the US Constitution and effectively thumbing their noses at the contract between the Government and the people.

While mimartin may have a point that Texas can't secede on their own, we're looking at 60% of the States voicing outrage towards the Federal Government's Behavior.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
This is a dishonest tactic and does not speak well of your skills, integrity and rationality as a debater.
I'm not using a dishonest tactic, and quite frankly personally attacking someone because you don't agree with them is a dishonest tactic.
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