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Harding tried his best to grab the woman as she ran past, but she had moved too quickly.

Harding had taken cover behind a large burnt rock, and he then ran into the ditch.

He saw the woman screaming in agony in the ditch, the two other men safe from the explosion.

Harding sighed,"Why!? I've got to get you guys out of here safely, but here you go jumping on grenades? My jobe is getting harder all the time..."

Harding kneeled next to the woman and took out a first aid kit, immediatley surveying the extent of her wounds. He was happy to see it was only burns on her back, and he could handle that with the right type of anti-burn creme.

He withdrew a small canister of creme and began applying it, at the same time, taking out a small syringe loaded with morphine. She wouldn't be hurting that much longer now, the morphine was a powerful anesthetic. Harding pressed the syringe into her back.

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