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(The updates might become smaller. Just because I'm deliberating whether or not I want to show you all what will happen to the Persona after he gets the courage to move on.)

He raised his black lightsaber into the air ready to strike her in half. Would I lay here once again allowing him to kill her as violently as before? I had to do something, something to save her. If I didn’t I believe that the pain might have been too much to lose her once again.

“No!” I screamed out distracting the Dark Jedi for a moment. I could see him grin at me and lick his lips slightly. He licked them as if he could taste her fear and my rage. As if he was savoring every moment of pleasure we gave to him because of our emotions. Slowly he drew his blade back then rammed it into her stomach. He eyes grew wide, but her body grew limp and he let her fall to the ground. He ran off but as he did his head turned towards me making his lips look like they were kissing at me. The rage of what happened coursed through my entire being taking control of my mind, urging me to follow him and kill him.

I was about to again go after the Dark Jedi but I noticed life was still in her, she was still holding on. I remember last time I could still sense life in her, but the urge to destroy, to murder the Dark Jedi was to powerful and I left her there alone, to die by herself. My heart wouldn’t allow me to chase after him but instead brought me to my knees by her side gently resting her head on my lap as my fingers slid threw her hair. It felt like the rage had left me to follow the Dark Jedi, as if it knew in this moment it had no place in my body. But where ever it went I didn’t care I didn’t want it any longer.

“You…stayed…” she said weakly, tears running down her face.

I could tell it was hard for her to speak. To move in any form caused her pain but she raised her left arm and gently placed her hand upon my cheek. Her hand felt so real, as if she was real as if everything that was happening wasn’t just an illusion. I tried to heal her over and over again but her injuries were too extensive for my skills. The thought that I wasn’t strong enough raged through my mind coursed through ever section. The thought that I wasn’t strong enough to save her again made my heart feel like it weight tons inside my chest. I could feel water build up around my eyes and slowly slide down my cheeks. Was I actually crying? I believe I was, and for her I would cry a thousand times over if I could just save her one time.

Her hand stayed upon my cheek feeling so soft. It felt like her fingers were drawing all the anger and hatred I had felt before out of me. I know that she was truly might light in all the darkness that I felt, that even though she was gone she had always remained my light.

“Why…did you…stay?” she asked as she coughed a little, blood trickling down the side of her mouth a little. This was my last chance to tell her my feeling, to tell her how I thought my entire world spun around her, and that to lose her would shatter everything I was or could have ever been. My heart started to beat quicker into my chest my nerves shook and twisted inside me. Why was it so hard to tell her? What was I afraid of?

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