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Originally Posted by TSR View Post
What a fun new phrase.

It Is LA
I agree entirely. I guess I have a knack for coining.

bokken, I checked it on some dictionary sites, but I couldn't find the British "customise." Do you have a reference link I could peer into?

I love the Phase I clone armor (not as much as Phase II, mind you, but better than Phase III/Stormtrooper, in my opinion). I've seen screen shots from Battlefront and I loved the LAAT/i gunships (more like "funships/yumships") and the Phase I clones they had. I wish they had more than just the one map featuring Phase I clones in BFII.

As for Rebels, that's the only faction that makes for good customization potential with no set appearance.--The whole armour customization idea is moot just from the fact that there's no place for it other than for the Rebels.

Yes, Master Plo, I agree.

Thank you all for your replies.

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