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Making the jet pack a critical point to hit is a great idea, in my opinion (not that jet troopers are weak enough already). However, the idea of unlimited flight time is silly, if anything. The point is to make it so that a jet trooper cannot hit someone from a high location and just keep floating around like a fool.

Originally Posted by Nietzsche's God View Post
What make you think that the CIS faction will be in the new game? Anyway, I find it nothing of an issue of having Jet Troopers creating a problem with the "Balance" of the game. All you have to do is create something where that players have to get a lot of points to get a rare class such as the Jet Trooper in order to play it; moreover, there should be limited available Jet Troopers on the battlefield, or there would be no balance.
That is probably the most preposterous question regarding BFIII I've heard yet. The CIS is an interesting, unique, and genre-defining features of Star Wars, even without being extremely fun to play. LA would be foolish (not to say they aren't exempt from that trait) to exclude the faction after featuring them in BFII.

Just so you know, there is a limit of how many jet troopers can be on the battle field at one time (four). Also, you have to earn something like 15 or 20 points to be able to use a jet trooper. I don't know if you've played BFII, but those are commonly known facts of the game play.

TSR, I agree completely, but remember that it's just the campaign. Balance is rarely, if ever, important in campaign scenarios. But in my opinion, the jet troopers are fine as they are in multiplayer BFII. I see nothing that really needs changing, other than making the jet pack a critical point (more fun to target). Watch your backs, jetties!

Good luck and have fun, all.

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