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"Umm... This is MY ship! Which brings us back to why you decided to sneak on-board. Not that I'm not pleased to see you..." In truth, Araeana wasn't sure whether or not she was pleased to see her old friend again. There was a new... coldness... that had never existed in Chikara before. But she didn't want to lose him again.

She noted the strange new way he spoke. She had heard tales of Master Skywalker's father, the Sith Lord, Vader. Chikara reminded her of these stories now. Maybe she could turn him back, just as Master Skywalker had done for his father. She buried these thoughts in the depths of her mind where she knew Chikara couldn't sense them. It was one of the defences she still maintained - her safety within her mind. She knew that this new Sith-Chikara's reaction to her desire to save him would not be pretty.
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