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I'd buy that for a dollar
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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
LC Stories - played that one on the PSP the day it came out. It was a nice distraction, for a while, anyway...still, it was vastly superior to VC Stories!
Aww. Well, proved my suspicions...I made the better choice

Still, being a VC lover (obviously, if you can't already tell by my name )
I suppose I ought to get VCS before it dissappears off the bargain shelves and ends up only on the internet for a wallet raping price. Happened to Jedi Academy. And some others like Marvel VS Capcom 1&2. ! was stolen from me though. :curse:
I'm currently back to Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 on my PS3, trying to increase my rank to Warrant Officer! And I still play GTA IV regularly enough - GTA usually has immense replay value to me - and it's actually worth playing for a long time after the end of the story.
I am going to crack open that Mafia in my cabinet for my PC, once I tire of KOTOR 2. Then again, my electronics shop table is looking mighty sexy to me right now...I've got a few projects in mind. ^_^
I may just get lost in diodes, resistors, capacitors and ICs...with some lasers.

GTA 4 is MAJOR cool. Too bad I cannot afford all the parts and whatnot for subscriptions to XBOX360 LIVE (it was a gift and I seriously can't afford jack as it is right now), because I'd download the expansion Lost and the Damned--about 10-20 additional hours of gameplay and a few other things not available in the regular GTA4.

otherwise I'd get megaman 9 (GO RETRO 8-BIT, BOYEEEE!), SF2 turbo (hell, just about any SF game), other classics

Haven't played much on the PC lately. Last things I played were Mafia (finally - far superior to PS2 release) and Rome: Total War. Now Empire taunts me from the shelves of every game store...cursed computer...
Hm. so mafia IS all that, eh? Coolness. You will be SO envious to hear this, but at a local flea market I bought it for a helluva deal. Box in good shape, CDs nearly perfect.

The guy just wanted to throw some stuff out. He himself seemed like a mafia-ish apartment owner tossing out some schmuck's stuff, real quick, real cheap.

I'll let you guess how much I paid for it...or little...if you care to.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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