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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post
Well it looked good, but it felt kind of generic. Even the single player was kinda meh...

Working as a team sounds good on paper, but actually employing the tactics to work as a team don't really work out in this day and age. In multiplayer, I spent too much time running to catch up with said "team" and I always got greased because said team didn't let me know what the hell was going on. Then I come back as a freaking zombie, where I have too skills, I can scratch with one arm while lunging, or I can puke some green nastiness up on somebody. Yeah, REAL tactical. Lame. I hated it so much. I think it might have done better if they marketed this as a Half-Life 2 mod, or DLC, but as a full blown $60 game, hardly.
While playing with randoms is sometimes a bit taxing, I wouldn't be so dismissive of it as a whole. Playing as infected is a bit more challenging and different than playing a standard shooter. That's why I liked it! If you have other friends with the game, being able to communicate (especially about when to drop in on the survivors) is really key to maximizing the fun. It's definitely frustrating to start out, I think, but there's a moment when you get your first survivor pinned and it dawns on both of you that no help is coming, it's really great and super-satisfying.

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