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((Well, I did have a few plans for him, so don't kill him...yet))

Harding nodded to Baldur, still in slight wonder onto what this guy was, monster or human? It didn't matter now, the girl needed help, andhe was the one with the first aid kit.

He finished applying the treatment and began bandaging some of the scratches from the shrapnel that had zipped past her during the explosion.

He looked behind him and noticed that Velmer's forces were still moving forward with murderous haste.

Velmer looked the man straight in the eye as his military collar was pulled up, he then kicked the man off using his good leg.

He hopped back up and continued to limp away, a nearby tank waiting for him.

Three mercenaries jumped off the tank and began firing their weapons at the man chasing Velmer.

Velmer looked back as he neared the tank, right in time to see Baldur in his line-of-sight.

The man growled under his breath and grabbed a nearby weapon off of the tank.

The three mercenaries took positions protecting Velmer.

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