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Soon all the explosive clay dogs in the area were erradicated. All thats left were piles of clay pieces and torn up dirt were the explosive tags set off.

Kaneda walked back towards the group. "Well, that certainly was unexpected. Least I got some good exercise from it..."

Tategami glanced at everyone in the area. Karela and Sam were the only ones missing. "Is anyone injured?"

"What was the whole point of that?" Kaneda wondered. "Surely whoever sent those little critters could come up with something bigger to kill us all!"

"I dont think the sole objective of that assault was to elliminate us!" Tategami added. "But perhaps to drive us away. Scare Tatics designed to make us flee: this is clearly a warning!"

Kaneda hung his head down, thinking. He raised it back up and looked at the others. "We better find Karela and Sam before they get themselves killed."
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